The beginning

This is my dating story…


I found myself single again a week before I was supposed to get married and at the age of 43.  I, as anyone could have been, was left discouraged and I felt defeated and alone… After a brief grieving process at the loss of not only my fiancé but a friend for over 30 years, I realized that God had shut that door to protect me. Hence my favorite saying was born… “He saves us from far more than our sins”.  It was then that I chose joy through Christ and determination with His will to find my teammate for the rest of my life here on earth. At that moment, my dating story commenced.

I signed up on several secular and Christian based dating sites and apps, told my “I” story which was really nothing more than a sales pitch about who I was and who I wanted to find. I picked a few of what I thought were my best pictures, and off I rolled into the dating scene. Chat rooms, matches left and right, dating nightmares and mistakes, suddenly finding that juggling my home life as a single mom, social life, working full time, time with Christ and family, and throwing dating into the mix, was needless to say a struggle. I learned quickly what not to do or expect from the dating life, how to protect myself with wisdom, and decided if I was going to continue this journey I better get organized!

At one point I was chatting, talking, and or texting over 70 prospective daters at once. After 9 months of intensive serious dating, I finally found the most incredible man I had ever met. Looking back, I am so thankful that though the last 9 months had seemed like hell on earth at some points, I’m glad I used perseverance (like the snails who finally made it on the ark) determination, discernment and wisdom, all while staying focused on Christ first. After all, He was whom got me this far, He was whom would get me through this season in life.

Through this dating organization site, you will be given tools to organize and rate your prospective daters, a calendar to keep up on the Meet and Greets (first meeting, not a date), exercises to help you figure out who you really are, and what you are looking for in a life teammate, some very helpful hints (as to not learn the hard way as I did) along with some entertaining stories of my dating life and the what NOT to do’s. In the end, my wish for you is that you embrace this journey simply as a term of your life that should not last forever, should not be emotionally exhausting, and should give you the experience of a life time.  Hopefully you will find love as I have, a teammate that is perfect for you, because you choose wisely and did not settle, as well as an abundance of self-worth and happiness that will fulfill all the dreams in a relationship you ever wanted. If you are not looking for a long term relationship (LTR) and just looking to be a serial dater, the organizational tools on this site, can still be useful. Ultimately, my expectations for you are that you find your dream, achieve your goals, and obtain what you’ve set out to look for, whatever and whomever that may be.

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