107 Dates

Do busy, single, working moms have time to date? This was the question I asked over and over when

I found myself single again after almost 20 years. How can I organize my dating life into

my schedule without totally robbing my family of time? How can I date and still be as

safe as possible? How will I keep track of all the names and numbers? Everything you need

to know is in my book ~ 107 Dates. Through trial and error, laughing and tears,

learning to love myself once again, and most of all turning my mistakes into life lessons, I believe

I’ve almost seen it all in the dating world. I’ve been there… I’ve done that…

and now I’ve wrote the book! On my 107th date I found the love of my life,

my best friend, and my husband!Had I not followed my own steps,

and stayed committed to my goals, and boundaries, I am convinced

I would either still be single, or had settled yet once again.

Why re-invent the dating wheel once again?

Inside you will find everything you need to start dating with confidence.

“Nothing ever changes, if nothing ever changes”

~think about it